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Alex Turner.


    Alex Turner.

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  3. "The city is a theatre of social action and an aesthetic symbol of collective unity. The city fosters art and is art; the city creates theatre and is the theatre. It is in the city, the city as theatre, that man’s more purposive activities are focused, and work out, through confliction and cooperation personalities, events, groups, into more significant culminations."
    Lewis Mumford, What Is A City? (1937)

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K House: Datum Zero


    K House: Datum Zero

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    Through sustained, pre-packaged tour guides and routes, the city of London is reduced to nothing more than a series of visited Icons. Gone are the days of industry and smog, instead the river bank is lined with polished buildings and carefully manicured parks. The Ministry of Subverted Restoration aims to subvert London’s once vibrant industrial heritage back into the very fabric of the city, leaving reminders of this past for today’s tourists. As tourists and the digital tagging of images continues to create a shifted reality of the city, we must be forced to re-engage with the everyday rather than the spectacle.

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  11. Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) Hultsfreds Festival 2013

    Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) Hultsfreds Festival 2013

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  13. Alex Turner - Ventura, LA (2013)

    Alex Turner - Ventura, LA (2013)

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  15. Bastille (Dan Smith)

    Bastille (Dan Smith)

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The Shard - London


    The Shard - London

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    Hense - 700 Delaware (2012) - Mural on abandoned church


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  25. Best Friend

    Best Friend

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